The Return of a Legend

Globe Wernicke LibraryFor over 125 years, Globe Wernicke bookcases, desks, and office furniture have stood the test of time as symbols of the supreme elegance, durability, and creativity of a bye gone era.

These antiques are time capsules, carrying a message of what we’re capable of as Americans, creators, and human beings with a spirit of innovation, dedication to craftsmanship, and an eye for beauty. These values propelled Globe Wernicke into a role as the premier manufacturer of office furniture in the world.

A Dream Remembered

But as with most things, the glory days didn’t last forever. Whether it was a world war or a depression that finally did it, the great factories closed and an era came to an end. But while a treasure was lost, it was not forgotten. It carried on in secluded offices, cluttered libraries, and cozy book filled family rooms around the world. The torch passed from one collector to another, from one generation to the next in the hope that a brilliant dream, a fading memory would continue on.

For the last 25 years we have counted ourselves among the guardians of this great legacy. Collecting every pattern, painstakingly making every part, and restoring entire libraries to their former glory. All so that our children could see these great monoliths of wood and glass, and know that men were capable of creating something that was truly wonderful.

Our Promise

Our promise to those who’ve struggled and yearned like we have, is that we will resurrect the origin of that legacy. Not just in lovingly crafting the traditional patterns and styles to specifications and standards that exceed the original factories. But by picking up the torch of quality, innovation, and beauty where it was carefully laid to rest so long ago and carrying it boldly into a new century.