Globe Wernicke Woods & Grades

The following is a list of all the Globe Wernicke woods and grades of finishes used for the many styles built over the years. These numbers correspond to those printed on the labels, usually on the bottom right hand side underneath the word “grade”.

When restoring a piece it’s important to us that notice that kind of thing and get annoyed by it, that the new finish of the case is the same as that on the label or if it has to be changed that correct labels with the proper designation are used to make the restoration accurate.

Index of Major Globe Wernicke Woods & Grades

  1. Plain Oak
    • No. 198: Antique, medium dark, gloss finish; copper oxidized hardware.
    • No. 197: Weathered finish, brass oxidized hardware.
    • No. 199: Golden finish, oil rubbed dull, brass oxidized hardware.
  2. Quarter Sawed Oak
    • No. 298: Antique Oak, polished finish; otherwise same as No. 198.
    • No. 298 1/2: Antique Oak, dead finish; dull brush finish brass hardware.
    • No. 299: Golden Oak, polished finish; brass oxidized hardware.
    • No. 299 1/2: Golden Oak, dead finish; brass oxidized hardware.
    • No. 297: Weathered Oak, dead finish; dark color, brass oxidized hardware.
    • No. 698: Antwerp Oak, polished finish; brass oxidized hardware.
    • No. 698 1/2: Antwerp Oak, dead finish; dull brush finish hardware.
    • No. 798 1/2: Early English Oak, medium dark, dead finish; dull brush finished brass hardware.
    • No. 898: Mission finish on Art-Mission and Mission styles, dull black hardware.
    • No. 998 1/2: Fumed Oak, wax finish, dull brush finished brass hardware.
  3. Imitation Mahogany
    • No. 398: Richly finished imitation Dark Mahogany, highly polished; brass oxidized hardware.
    • No. 398 1/2: Imitation Mahogany, dull finish; brushed brass hardware.
  4. Real Mahogany
    • No. 598: Polished finish, medium dark; brass oxidized hardware.
    • No. 598 1/2: Dead finish, medium dark; dull brush finish, brass hardware.

Note: Globe Wernicke bookcases were never painted coming out of the factory, even if you begged. EVER. If you paint one of these units, you are committing a vile act of vandalism.