Globe Wernicke Desk Legs

Globe Wernicke DeskAs is to be expected of thin pieces of wood hanging precariously from any furniture piece, Globe Wernicke desk legs are often found missing on un-restored desk units. Whether they’ve been broken off or removed, their absence greatly reduces the value and more importantly the beauty of these pieces. A unit without legs can even tip over a full stack of bookcases when opened.

Due to the time it takes to make these parts to the exacting specification required and the need to use a master cabinet maker in their production, only a limited amount of these parts are made in each run and they may not be available at all times.

Desk Legs

Stained and unstained desk legsSold in pairs of two when stock is available, these pieces are made out of old growth quarter sawn white oak. They are patterned off of a very rare, perfectly preserved master copy and are unstained to allow for matching to the desk unit they’re to be paired with. While these pieces include the correct attachment points for the hardware to mount them, the hardware itself is sold¬†separately¬†as many desks will still have the mounting brackets attached to them but without the legs.

Desk Leg Mounting Brackets

Desk Leg Mounting BracketsThese Brackets are precision crafted from raw brackets made to the original hard to find gauge of thickness. They’re then cut to the needed dimensional size and then bent to the “Z” shape needed for perfect mounting. There are a number of other methods commonly employed to secure the desk legs, the most common of which involves wooden pins, nails, and a lot of glue. But the only way to ensure the needed level of stability is with the mounting brackets that were intended to be used in the initial design.