Globe Wernicke Doors

Ideal Bookcase Doors and Glass ExampleBeing that the Globe Wernicke door represents the only moving component of most unit types, it’s little wonder that it accounts for the majority of the individual pieces and most of the work when restoring a bookcase to its original glory.

We have a significant inventory in stock of most of the metallic hardware pieces, as most of these were universal. The availability of wooden frames and leaded glass can vary greatly depending on the size needed and the style you’re trying to match. Please contact us directly to inquire about these parts.

Door Frames

We anticipate adding custom door frame construction to our list of specialties in the coming months, but until that time we have a select inventory of doors in a variety of sizes and styles. Please check for availability.

Door Glass

While all original glass panels manufactured by Globe Wernicke were lead glass, there were a variety of pane options available for the various bookcase styles. In addition to plain glass without any bevel, there are several bevel sizes, as well as square varieties for the art mission units, and single and double diamond panes for the ideal units. We have a wide inventory of glass panes for different size and style cases, but availability can vary.

Door Roller Assembly

Roller AssemblyThis assembly serves allows for the opening and closing of the door with the smooth gliding motion typical of a Globe Wernicke bookcase. It has been precisely designed to match the look of the original Globe Wernicke door rollers while removing the traditional moisture penetration and rust issues that plagued the original hardware. The set consists of two of each of the following: High grade stainless steel shoulder screws, stainless steel washers, and oil impregnated bronze roller bushings. The oil impregnated bronze is the real trick here as not only does it make the new hardware indistinguishable to an original roller assembly, the oil is released by the motion of opening and closing the doors. Making the part self-lubricating and effectively eliminates seizing in the rollers.

Door Tracts

Door Tracts ExampleThese tracts are an integral part of the bookcases that’s often missing or broken. Their role in the assembly is to protect the interior wood paneling from damage and provide a smooth surface for the door to glide past. Our replacement tracts laser cut stainless steel, formed and bent to micron exact dimensions. They are a slightly thicker gauge than the original parts to keep them from breaking or wearing out with regular opening and closing of the door.

Door Knobs

Common Door KnobsWhile there were over a dozen variations of knob styles over the years, this style that we offer was by far the most common. The knobs are 5/8″ in diameter by 1/2″ projection, which is the correct knob size. We also have a larger 3/4″ diameter by 5/8″ projection version for those who prefer a larger knob, as well as a variety of antique knobs in the other styles to accommodate those trying to match a complete set. But the availability and quality of these knobs can be limited.

Door Hinge Assembly

Bookcase Door HingeThese mirrored sets of hinges take the weight of the hook assemblies attached to the door in the closed position, and support the door frame in the open position to keep it from bending the roller assembly. These hinge sets come with true to factory original mounting screws. Incorrect screws can either damage the side paneling, won’t flush with the hinge, or are in an incorrect color stand out noticeably where they’re located on the case.

Door Tract Stops

Bookcase Tract StopsThese stop blocks for the tract pieces are precision cut and formed to keep a Globe Wernicke door system from over opening. Moving past the point where it was designed to open to will cause flexing and binding of the scissor mechanism, and can lead to significant damage to a variety of parts. These stop blocks are available for all Globe Wernicke and Macey units, and come unstained or aged with a walnut stain finish.

Hook Door Hinges

Hook HingeThese Hook Hinges connect the door to the case and allow it to detach from the hinge assembly proper so that the door can slide back to the open position. The hooks then catch the hinge assembly and allow the door to hang closed with very little pressure on the frame. These replacement hooks include the correct mounting nails and are precision crafted to prevent any binding in the opening and closing process. These hooks are available for all unit sizes.

Ideal Line Door Knobs

Ideal Door KnobsThese door knobs for the ideal style of Globe Wernicke bookcases come in three primary styles: Aged Copper, Copper Stripped, and Polished Brass. Each knob is approximately egg shaped at the top knob with measurements of 3/4″ by 1/4″, projects 1/4″ in height, and is 5/8″ in diameter at the rosette. They are made according to original specifications using a labor intensive process known as lost wax casting, which results in every knobs being slightly different. The polished brass style knobs were commonly matched with the mahogany wood stain, and the oak stain had a variety of knobs associated with it.